SMB IT Support

As a small business owner, it makes sense for you to focus on your business and let a professional handle your technology. After all, do you really have time to keep up with all the changes? Firefly Tech Solutions prides itself on being your outsourced IT Department by providing the following services:

  • Desktop Support – Our team can set up software on your employee’s computer so that help can be just a click away. We can also monitor these desktops to ensure they are updated and property protected against malware threats.
  • Cloud Backups – We can backup your companies important files on a regular basis to the cloud so you will always have access to them. Whether it’s an emergency or you just need access while out of town, we’ll get you taken care of.
  • Wireless networking – We can help you implement a wireless network for your company. Whether you need it for visitors or have area outside you want to provide WiFi access for, we can get it installed.
  • Network configuration and management – Switches, routers & firewalls, oh my! Don’t fret. We’ve got your back. We can implement a complete network infrastructure for your business including running cable and installing jacks. Best of all, you can rest assured your network is protected.
  • Data recovery – Uh oh. One of your hard drives has failed and you need to restore the data. Often times, we can restore the data in-house and other times we have to send offsite for deeper forensic-level recovery. We will happily offer a no-0bligation review and let you know what your options are.
  • Hosted Email – Whether you need 1 email account or 50. We can recommend the best email service for your business. We can also set up everything so your email is routed properly. We currently offer support for Google Apps, Office365 and our own cloud email service.
  • Website design and maintenance – Whether it’s time for a fresh new website or you just need someone to make regular changes, we’ve got it handled.
  • Social media implementation and management – Social media got you baffled? No worries. Just let us handle it.
  • Cloud Server – If you have a need for a server, we can set this up for you on the Amazon platform. Whether you are ready to retire an old server or just need to support remote employees, we can simplify the whole process.
  • So much more – Just think of us as your IT Director. Whatever tech challenges your company faces, we can use our expertise to help you find the best solution.
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