Responsive Web Design

You have 3 seconds to capture a visitor on your website.

When someone visits your website, if they can’t figure out what you do and whether or not you can meet their needs within 3 seconds, they will move on.

From simple websites to complex enterprise web applications, Firefly Tech Solutions creates clean, effective websites that help our clients convey the perfect message and most importantly, capture leads. Whether you are looking for a WordPress implementation or are ready to launch an eCommerce store, we can help. We believe your website is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox, not merely a pretty brochure or an opportunity for us to build a pretty site. We focus more on functionality, SEO and user experience. The prettiest website in the world that is not properly coded or does not convey your desired message is useless.

Some of our website features include:

  • All our websites are CSS compliant
  • We understand page load times can affect your position in the search engines. We make every effort to ensure your site loads quickly.
  • Most all our websites are developed using WordPress. This allows us to deliver your site quicker and at a lower cost than building from scratch. Plus it gives you full control over the content so you can manage your website content once we’re done.
  • We understand the importance of user experience.
  • We always consider security and what needs to be done to keep your customers and their data safe as well as ensure your site is not hacked.

We offer our customers several choices from a low-cost templated website to a fully customized web design and everything in between. You tell us your budget and your needs and we will recommend our best solution. Our custom solutions start at only $1,250 including basic SEO!


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