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lakeland-local-seoLocal SEO – Did you know?

  • 50% of mobile phone users who conducted a search on their smartphone stopped into the store within 1 day

  • 87% of smartphone users search at least once a day

  • 60% of American adults use a smartphone to search for local goods and services

  • 71% of your community looks up a local business before visiting it

  • Forbes reported 70-80% of users are checking reviews online

  • 46% of all searches on Google are for a local business

You don’t have to run an e-commerce store to benefit from SEO. In fact, one aspect of SEO called local SEO is the perfect tool for brick and mortar stores that rely on customers visiting their physical location.

What is Local SEO?

While SEO is the process of making your website easier to find for everyone, local SEO is the process of making your website easier to find for local customers in your area. There are a variety of ways that this is accomplished, but the goal of each local SEO strategy is to drive local customers to your website, Google Local page, Yelp, and local directories so that they will then visit your physical location.

What Type of Business Benefits from Local SEO?

Any business that relies on customers actually coming to their physical location can benefit a great deal from local SEO. Local SEO allows brick and mortar businesses to pinpoint their digital marketing efforts to customers in their area – customers that are actually likely to visit the business’s location.

Specific types of businesses that are leveraging local SEO to attract more customers are shops, bars, restaurants, dentists, doctors, veterinarians, and more.

Smartphones and Local Search

Today, more and more people are relying on their smartphone as a navigational tool to help them find great local businesses while they’re on the go. If you’ve ever searched something along the lines of “restaurants near my” when you were looking for a place to stop and eat then you’ve participated in this trend first-hand.

How, though, does a business owner ensure that their business shows up near the top of the results when someone searches something like “restaurants near me” or “dentists in Boston”? The answer is with local SEO. Local SEO allows you to drive your business to the top of these highly lucrative searches so that you can cash in on customers who are using their smartphones to search for businesses on the go.

Benefits of Local SEO

By and large, the internet has been seen as hurting small businesses on Main Street America. Local SEO changes that by allowing local shops, bars, restaurants, and more to leverage digital marketing to drive customers to their physical location. This unique fusion of digital marketing with face-to-face business makes for a strategy that is the perfect solution for local businesses everywhere.

Reviews and Local SEO

Reviews play an important role in local SEO. The good news is, though, that local SEO can actually help you get more reviews. If a person finds your business because of a Yelp review, they’re more likely to then leave a Yelp review themselves than the average customer. In this way, local SEO is able to help you get more reviews which in turn boosts your local SEO efforts, amounting to a continuous cycle of success.

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