Top SEO Factors – No Magic or Wizardry here

SEO is Does Not Require any Hocus Pocus I’m going to be honest. I get a little frustrated with other SEO companies. They act as if SEO is some type of special magic or wizardry, but it’s not. Many like to deliver what I call smoke and mirrors, so buyer beware. Google may not expose […]


How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Small Business

In the world of social media marketing, LinkedIn is a platform that is oft-overlooked. However, for some small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), LinkedIn is the perfect platform to market their products and services. If you are looking for a way to reach a brand new audience of potential customers, here’s how LinkedIn can help. 80% of […]


Do You Own Your Website? The Truth is, You May Not…

For many businesses, the company’s website, including the domain and all the content published under it, are often incredibly valuable property and a cornerstone of the company itself. The bad news is, though, that you may not actually own the website you build. The Trouble with Website Hosting Platforms In recent years, web hosting platforms such as Wix […]


Captcha Plugin Compromised with Back Door

Do you currently have the Captcha plugin on your WordPress website? If so, you need to disable and delete it immediately. This plugin was recently purchased by a developer who decided to modify the code. If you have this plugin enabled on your site, they now have admin access to your WordPress dashboard. Click here […]


Report: Facebook is the Best Way to Market to Women

The 2016 Fluent “Marketing to Women” report revealed some compelling statistics when it comes to online marketing to women. It also provided insight into how the female gender makes its purchasing decisions. Simply put, this report is chock full of marketing strategies for both small business owners and marketing managers. The report outlined a survey […]


Avoiding Malware in Email

Did you know, More than 317 million new variants of malware — computer viruses or other malicious software — were created last year? This does not include the millions of phishing attempts, that are often perpetrated through email! This post is just a reminder about how to detect and handle suspicious/spam emails. First, and foremost, […]


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